Welcome to the Downtown Zanesville

Business Directory






First Street      


Nestle’ Purina Benco                  22 S. 1st Street             Pet food Manufacturer


Second Street


Ballas Egg Company                  40 N.2nd Street               Egg Processor


Third Street


Praxair                                      130 N. 3rd Street            Helium & Welding Supplies

Zanesville Historic Apts              62 N. 3rd Street              Apartments

Zak’s                                         32 N. 3rd Street             Restaurant

Studio 202                                 26 N. 3rd Street Rear      Arts Studio & Gallery

Lighthouse Christian Ministry      25 N 3rd Street               Church

WTLL 98.9                                25 N. 3rd Street              Christian Radio Station

American Legion                        29 S. 3rd Street              Fraternal organization

Dutro Auto Parts                         49 S. 3rd Street             American and Foreign Auto Parts

LA Emmert                                54 S. 4th Street              HVAC Specialists


Fourth Street


Zanesville City Schools               160 N. 4th Street School Administration

Young Insurance                        125 N. 4th Street Insurance services

Cultice & Brown Atty’s               121 N. 4th Street Attorneys

Stubbins, Watson & Erhard        59 N. 4th Street              Attorneys

Barristers Lawyer Title                55 N. 4th Street              Title Services

Kincaid, Taylor & Geyer              50 N. 4th Street              Attorneys

Eicher Engineering                     47 N. 4th Street              Civil Engineering & Surveyors

Realistic Driving School              47 N. 4th Street              Drivers Training School

Jones Funk & Payne                  45 N. 4th Street              Attorneys

Image Computers                       44 N. 4th Street              Computer Specialist

Leon Levion                               40 N. 4th Street              Attorney

Beauty Nook                             38 N. 4th Street              Beauticians

Studio G                                   “       “        “                  Art Studio & Galley

Julies    Artery                           “       “        “                  Art Studio & Galley

Schimmel Fitness                      35 N. 4th Street              Fitness Center

David L. Joseph MD                   35 N. 4th Street              Medical Services

Musk County Sheriff                   28 N. 4th Street              Law Enforcement

Graham & Graham                     11 N. 4th Street              Attorneys

National City Bank                     “       “       “                  Bank, Financial Services

Robert Dietrick, Atty                   11 S. 4th Street              Attorney

Jefferson Massey, Atty               30 S. 4th Street              Attorney

Times Recorder                         34 S. 4th Street              Newspaper

Ditty’s Downtown Deli                 61 S. 4th Street              Restaurant







Fifth Street


John McIntire Library                  220 N. 5th Street Library

Z-M Chamber of Commerce        205 N. 5th Street Chamber of Commerce

St. Thomas Church                    144 N. 5th Street Church

Community Bank                       113 N. 5th Street Bank, Financial Services

Security First                             “        “        “                 Title Services

Moorehead Law Office                58 N. 5th Street              Attorneys

Musk County S.B.I.                    56 N. 5th Street              Business Incubator

Imlay Florist                              54 N. 5th Street              Florist

Musk. County Annex                  22 N. 5th Street              County offices

Century National Bank                14 S. 5th Street              Bank, Financial Services

Delong, Baker & Lanning            56 S. 5th Street              Funeral Home

Dutro Ford                                 132 S. 5th Street Automobile Parts & repair


Sixth Street


St. James Episcopal                  155 N. 6th Street Church

Market Street Baptist                 140 N. 6th Street Church 

Travel Inn                                   58 N. 6th Street              Hotel

Central Presbyterian                   40 N. 6th Street              Church

Bryan Place                              49 N. 6th Street              Restaurant

Reflections of Time                     27 N. 6th Street              Photography Studio

Muffler & Tire Center                   26 N. 6th Street              Automotive Repair

Green Top Yellow Cab                20 N. 6th Street              Taxi Service

Gummer Wholesale                   16 N. 6th Street              Tobacco Products                                 

James Dickman Atty                  10 N. 6th Street              Attorney

Army-Navy                                16 S. 6th Street              Retail

Dance Express                          18 S. 6th Street              Dance Studio

Jackson & Hewitt                       21 S. 6th Street              Tax Preparation

L. Peter Dinan                           27 S. 6th Street              Surveyor

Shear Insanity                           39 S. 6th Street              Beautician

Classic Body Shop                    41 S. 6th Street              Automotive Body Repair & Paint

Dixies Diner                               57 S. 6th Street              Restaurant

Dr. Perry, DPM                          58 S. 6th Street              Podiatrist

B & D Diner                               61 S. 6th Street              Restaurant

Kings Auto Glass                       102 S. 6th Street Auto Glass Service

First Baptist Church                   105 S. 6th Street Church

Cottrill Sculpture Studio/Gallery   110 S. 6th Street Bronze Sculpture Studio & Gallery

Goss Party Rental                     119 S. 6th Street Party rental Services

ComeUNITY      Store               135 S. 6th Street Convenience Store

Dalton Carpet                            143 S. 6th Street Floorings Sales & Services

Goss Rental Center                    170 S. 6th Street Equipment rental


Seventh Street


Subway                                     304 N. 7th Street Restaurant

Shinnick House                         166 N. 7th Street Executive Housing

The Renner                                148 N. 7th Street Community Theater

Couch Potato Video                   26 N. 7th  Street             Video rental Services

Findeiss Realty                          24 N. 7th Street              Real Estate Sales

Global Cellular                           19 N. 7th Street              Cellular Phones & Computers

Touvell Plumbing                        17 N. 7th Street              Plumbing Services

American Red Cross                  22 N. 7th Street              Red Cross

Black’s Automotive                    32 S. 7th Street              Automotive Services

Wolfe Wilson & Phillips              37 S. 7th Street              Accountants & Attorney

Holzschurer Sellers Dance          51 S. 7th Street              Dance Studio

Central Trinity United Methodist   62 S. 7th Street              Church

Immanuel United Ch of Christ      105 S. 7th Street Church

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran         128 S. 7th Street Church

Coca-Cola Bottling Co,               154 S. 7th Street Beverage distributor


Eighth Street


Friesingers                                20   8th Street                 Ornamental Iron and Welding

Union Baptist Church                 56   8th Street                 Church

LephCo                                     135 8th Street                 Screen Printing

Z’ville Terminal Warehouse          135 8th Street                 Warehouse


Elberon Street


Main Street


Center for Childhood Dev.            8 Main Street                 Child & Family Services

American Light                          122 Main Street             Lighting and Electrical Supply

Z- Bus                                       224 Main Street             Bus Services

Starlight Café                             224 Main Street             Restaurant

Fox Law Office                           233 Main Street             Attorney

Schroeder Chiropractic   3          300 Main Street             Chiropractor

TS/Architect                              301 Main Street             Architect

Baker Law Office                        “       “        “                  Attorney

New York Life                            309 Main Street             Insurance

Sherry Ryan, Attorney                “      “          “                 Attorney

Gottlieb, Johnston & Beam         320 Main Street             Attorneys

McLendon Mortgage Co. 330 Main Street             Mortgage Company

Tahyi Video Reporting                334 Main Street             Video Reporting

Muskingum County Courthouse   401 Main Street             Governmental Offices

Del’s Curbside Grill                    401 Main Street                         Restaurant

Huntington Nat’l Bank                 422 Main Street             Bank, Financial Services

Chase                                       434 Main Street             Bank, Financial Services

Melosh & Dutro                          501 Main Street             Accountants

Modern Office Methods               “         “        “                Office Machine Sales

Musk. Opportunity Center           504 Main Street             Employment Services

Shawn Cramer, Atty                   507 Main Street             Attorney

Sands Decker                               “       “        “               Civil Engineers

JK Evans & Association             507 Main Street             Human Resources Services

Olde Towne Antiques                 527 Main Street             Antiques

Two Pea’s Antiques & Art           530 Main Street             Antiques & Art

Movement on Main                     531 Main Street             Dance Studio

Zanesville’s Finest Barbers         532 Main Street             Barber & Beautician Services

SOTA                                       535 Main Street             Computer Service

Concorde Mortgage                    536 Main Street             Mortgage Company

Mid Ohio Title                            601 Main Street             Title Services

Coffman Law Offices                   604 Main Street             Attorney

Repeat After Me             613 Main Street             Children’s Clothing Consignment

Lynch & Lynch, CPAs                613 Main Street             Accountants

Then & Now Antiques                 614 Main Street             Antiques

shotshot Photography                616 Main Street             Art Gallery

Clossman’s Antiques                 621 Main Street             Antiques

Paul Emory Studio                     621 Main Street-Rear     Art Studio & Gallery

Zanesville Tool & Grinding           624 Main Street             Tool Sharpening

Z.A.A.P. Gallery                                    625 Main Street             Art Gallery


Valley Beauty School                 627 Main Street             Beauty School

Jack’s Imperial Bar                     630 Main Street             Tavern

Dittmar Insurance                       631 Main Street             Insurance services

Wallpaper Outlet                        632 Main Street             Wallpaper and decorating outlet

Tom’s Print Shop                       710 Main Street             Commercial Printer

Musk Respiratory Care               711 Main Street             Health Services

Sunrise TV Rental                      720 Main Street             Rental

RiteAid                                      825 Main Street             Pharmacy



Marietta Street


Goss Supply                             620 Marietta Street        Commercial & Industrial Supply

Danny’s Radiator                       702 Marietta Street        Automotive radiator repair

Jack Worstall & Sons                 718 Marietta Street        Automotive window repair

Valley National Gas                   724 Marietta Street        Welding Supply


Market Street


Studio 77                                  239 Market Street          Photography Studio

360 Bike Shop                           241 Market Street          Bicycle Shop

PMA                                         243 Market Street          Art Studio

Studio B                                    245 Market Street          Beautician

WWJM                                     249 Market Street          Radio Station Sales Office

Elements                                  249 Market Street          Art Studio

Mike Nelson’s                            253 Market Street          Picture framing & accessories

Seiler Gallery                             330 ½ Market Street      Art Studio & Gallery

Zanesville City Hall                     401 Market Street          City Offices

Old Market House Inn                 424 Market Street          Restaurant

Pollock Apartments                    502 Market Street          Apartments

Century National Bank                505 Market Street          Loan Office

Linn Engineering                        534 Market Street          Civil Engineering & Surveyor

Triple A Optical                            “         “          ‘                        Optical Supply & Repair

Southeastern Salon Supply         627 Market Street          Salon Supply Distributors

James Murphy DDS                   712 Market Street          Dental Services

Zellar & Zellar Atty’s                   720 Market Street          Attorneys

Family Health Services               727 Market Street          Medical Services

Wolfe Financial Services               “          “        “             Financial Services

Webb Financial Group                803 Market Street          Financial Services

Moll & Caffarati                          803 Market Street          Attorneys

Rankin & Rankin                        806 Market Street          Insurance Services

Huffman Realty                          823 Market Street          Real Estate Sales and Appraisal

CA House                                 828 Market Street          Musical Instruments and lessons

Nader’s Insurance                      833 Market Street          Insurance Services

Radiology Associates                 838 Market Street          Radiology Services


Shinnick Street


Grace United Methodist              516 Shinnick Street        Church

Secrest Auditorium                    334 Shinnick Street        Events Center


South Street


Zanesville Police & Fire              332 South Street            Police & Fire Departments

Lindsay Restoration                   502 South Street            Furniture restoration

Reed Professional Services         514 South Street            Accounting/Business Services

Tower Studios                            616 South Street            Art Gallery & Studio


Underwood Street


OSU Extension Office                225 Underwood Street    Ag/Educational Services

Musk Soil & Water                     225 Underwood Street    Conservation Office

USDA                                       225 Underwood Street    Federal Ag programs

Employers Overload                   225 Underwood Street    Employment Services

Wendy’s/Exxon                         214 Underwood Street    Restaurant/Gas Station/Mini Mart

Higginbotham                            109 Underwood Street    Building Material Distributors