The Case for Chamber Membership

1.   What is the dollar value, or the return on investment, of a Chamber membership?

Chamber membership has a real ROI for your business.  We spell it out for you in dollars and cents.


2.   Why be a Chamber member?  Because your customers care.

A national research study shows that your customers care whether or not you are a Chamber member. So the fact is your membership matters to the people who buy from you. 

3.  What is the Chamber and what does it do?

Here are the answers.

4.  How do I make sure I get full value out of my membership.

A Checklist of Services for Members
Checklist for manufacturers, distribution centers and other national companies



What do our members say?

Podcast: Why business owners should join their local chambers

Visit Our Complete List of Member Benefits and Services


For more information on Chamber membership
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