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Chamber of Commerce: an association of business people to promote commercial and industrial interests in the community.  - Webster's Dictionary


The Chamber of Commerce. Such a fundamental part of being in business that itís even defined in Webster's Dictionary. Why? Because a Chamber is an authentic American institution and business people at the local level have been working together through Chambers of Commerce for centuries. Businesses join Chambers voluntarily and manage them cooperatively. Member companies work together to accomplish goals that no single firm could reach on its own.


Our Chamber was formed in 1905 by business people who recognized the need to work together as a team to promote and serve local companies, build the economy and improve the community. Chamber members appreciate the strength and benefits of collective action. They understand that they can achieve greater progress and economic growth in the community by working together as a unified force. They know that no one can look out for the interests of businesses better than business people. And they believe that the Chamber is the vehicle for helping all businesses--and our community--grow and prosper. So, just like the definition says, the chamber is an association of businesses, created, led and sustained by business people to represent and serve their interests.


Unity. Growth. Collective action. Free enterprise. Community spirit. These concepts have been practiced for centuries by business people through Chambers of Commerce. Thatís why membership in the Chamber is a time honored American tradition. And the Chamber has responded to changes in the world and in business to keep pace with the companies it was created to serve.


Today, the Chamber of Commerce is a proactive, customer-oriented organization that serves hundreds of businesses of all types and sizes from throughout Muskingum County. The benefits of membership are real and valuable. And the Chamber has a long standing tradition of service and record of achieving real success in promoting the interests of its members and the area.



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