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Save significantly on your workers’ compensation premium by joining the Zanesville- Muskingum County Chamber of Commerce workers’ compensation program administered by Sedgwick, the largest third party administrator in Ohio.

We partner with Sedgwick to deliver the most significant cost savings to our members. Sedgwick embraces a results-oriented approach that fully integrates safety prevention and risk control with aggressive claims management to deliver a significant return on your investment.

Sedgwick's group rating program is the only plan endorsed by the Chamber. Employers participating in this program save, on average, $2,200 each year. Your actual savings may be more or less, and if you do not qualify for group rating Sedgwick will consult with you about other savings options and programs.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you are in Group Rating now you need to be aware of your obligations as a participant. Please read this letter from the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation.
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Ohio BWC Employer Programs - Including grants, incentives and other ways to save.
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