Membership ROI

Your chamber membership should be a 300% return on investment

The average value of a Chamber membership: $975

The basic membership rate: $230*

Here's exactly how we came up with those numbers. The values estimate what you might pay for each individual service in the marketplace.

Member Benefit Or Service & Average Annual Value

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Email Marketing Blast, one free per year, and Direct Mailing services$60$160
Economic development programs and services including new business attraction and existing business retention activities$100$250
Cost savings programs such as workers comp, Hot Deals, webinar discounts, etc.$50$300
Save Local Now (SLN) digital marketing platform, free use$100$400
Local Economic Dashboard and other economic indicators reports$25$425
Marketing via Chamber Experts program, ACES awards, social media and more$100$525
Professional development and employee training opportunities$50$575
Local Wage & Benefits Survey and other special reports$50$625
Representation and reporting on governmental legislation and regulations, and information about financial assistance and grant programs$50$675
Weekly email newsletter to help you stay up to date, plus printed monthly newsletter summaries and other informative communications$50$725
Web based services like calendar of Chamber meetings and events, Hot Deals program, professional development and educational resources and job ads$100$825
A membership builds enhanced credibility and trust in the eyes of customers and includes use of a member logo, window stickers, and membership certificate.$50$875
Networking opportunities at monthly meetings and special events$50$925
Direct support for and involvement in community growth programs such as tourism development, entrepreneurship support, and economic development$50$975

*Memberships start at $230 annually, and the majority of members qualify for the $230 rate. However, exact amounts depend on company size and industry.

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