Implementing programs that successfully control the frequency and severity of workplace injuries.

Frank Pagnatta, President Risk Control 360

In your business, you face challenges from every angle. Surround your company with a full circle of risk assessment and management services.
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RiskControl360° improves the safety and risk management performance for individual employers and group insurance programs. We commit to measuring our performance and your return on investment from our services.
Setting goals for desired outcomes and holding ourselves and our clients to achieving those goals is just one thing that sets us apart. Our 360° approach, highly accomplished and talented staff and focus on technology separates us from our competition. We provide services to clients across the country and specialize in the healthcare, oil & gas, construction, manufacturing and transportation industries.
We address many areas of safety and risk management and below are are of the reasons clients utilize our services
Safety culture improvement
Controlling safety and risk-related costs
Coaching individuals to be safety managers
Developing interesting training programs
Obtaining executive buy-in for safety
Regulatory compliance (OSHA,DOT, HR, etc.)
Meeting customers’ safety requirements
Complex safety and risk management programs
Reducing incident frequency and severity
Benchmarking and data analysis
Improve performance for groups of employers
Figuring out where to start.
We hire the best and brightest, maintain a culture of delivering results and deploy our 360° approach. Any consulting company can help you comply with regulations. Yet, if you’re looking to improve your organization’s culture of safety you need our 360° approach to problem-solving.
Poor performance can stem from organizational structure, management incentive plans, inadequate human resource policies or a number of other business-related issues.
We figure out the underlying causes of problems and develop solutions. Then, we use our expert team of consultants to implement changes. Our staff is diverse, accomplished, creative, experienced, committed to quality and knows how to effectively use technology.
Our methods are based on high reliability concepts, lean process improvement and data-driven decision making.
RiskControl360° is a team of lifelong learners who stay at the forefront of effective safety and risk management. We are committed to diversity of thought and staff. Clients not only have a lead consultant, but they also have access to a team of consultants to ensure our full capabilities are leveraged.
Here are just some of the credentials of our staff:
  • Certified Safety Professional;
  • Master of Business Administration;
  • Master of Health Services;
  • Master of Safety and Health Management
  • Emergency Medical Technician;
  • FEMA Community Emergency Response Team Trainer;
  • OSHA Authorized 30 Hour Instructor;
  • CCCHST Hazmat Instructor;
  • Certified Safety Management Practitioner; and more.
We consistently optimize risk management for maximum return-on-investment for our customers.
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